(Mis)adventures of converting a stone barn to a dwelling

Woodstore rebuild

When we’d demolished the old tin and block building on the rear of the house, we’d exposed a lovely stone building which was part of the original, and it seemed a shame to destroy it too. So we decided to save it if we could and use it as a storage space for our winter firewood and other bits and bobs.

During the demolition the yard side wall had suffered badly as someone had concreted the block wall pillar to the stone wall, and when we pulled the block out, it dragged the corner bond out the stone wall. It was cracked and in bad shape and in danger of falling down itself. So we pulled it down, and dug a footing for a concrete and rebar footing underneath it to stabilize it.


Then once the footing had set, we built the wall back up using the original stone materials, but mortar between the stones for extra strength. Slow but strong and once rendered it would have an original appearance.


Time and a lot of work passes…


For winter we’ve ordered a EPDM roof membrane, but have fitted a bache and a gutter temporary to keep the weather out for winter. Eventually the epdm will be fitted, and the walls built up past the wooden roof structure forming some low balcony with a handrail around the perimeter to form a terrace for the bedroom.


The interior construction on the roof is substantial enough for foot traffic from above. Flooring grade beams on 50 centres with 19mm OSB flooring.


Next a door!

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