(Mis)adventures of converting a stone barn to a dwelling

The gamesroom evolves

Time to get on with my projector room.
I tiled this space invader alien into the floor pattern, everywhere else got boring beige tiles but I could play in here it being “my” room :)

spaced invader

Got my old Barco CRT projector installed on the celing

projector installed

And some other toys, the space invader cabinet in the foreground, with the Wii running on the projector screen in the back


Also got the fruity out of storage too, although it wouldnt power up and needed a new PCB before it would.

Craazzzy Fruits

Another addition to the gamesroom is this Wurlitzer sillhouette, we saw it in a local bricobrac shop (Troc) and it was very cheap, but not working. I bought it with the intention of gutting it to make a networked jukebox, but once home the fascination of the electromechanical innards got  the better of me, and we searched out diagrams on the net. Some fault finding later, the problem was traced to a lever which pressed a switch when the loader arm had parked which had broke and was spinning on its pivot. A new lever was made up on the mill out of plastic and it sprang into life.


Wurlitzer fired up

The lamps for the display were flouro tubes and not available in the lengths it needed except by special order. But a euro size tube was available in only 2″ shorter. So 2 inch spacers were made up to carry the tube holders, and now it takes euro tubes. Lots of friends sent old 45′s to me by post, and now its completely filled with 80 singles. Its a great party piece to fire up and make the music for and I have no intention to rip the insides out and mp3′ify it now!

Wurly all lit up and working




Thats all for now, time to go make the kids bedrooms!

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