(Mis)adventures of converting a stone barn to a dwelling

The best laid plans…

About now, we were working heavily on our plans for the house to be to get planning permission, so I drafted up what was in my head in a 3d architect package by Micro Application bought for 30e from the local diy chain!

First a floor plan, and me and Pippa spent many long nights arguing over all the details and aspects. The design as all aspects of the project was a team effort.


Upstairs sort of would look like this.

Original upstairs

We generated the usual rendered images we thought planning would require

Front left rendering

front right rendering

And the usual impossible but fun images, this is upstairs only :)

floating upstairs

These were sent off to the architect, who came and did a site inspection to check our dimensions and what we were proposing was sane, and signed off and submitted. We then had one last shock, as we took the plans in with detailed 3d plans, dimensions etc, the person responsible for accepting the submission told us we had too much detail, and to just return with a photo of the front and rear with our changes superimposted on it. We were gobsmacked knowing the level of detail required for UK planning permission, but we did as we were told, and got approval, along with permission to change from an agricultural building to a dwelling by post.
We promptly filled in the big blank sign stating works with the permit number etc, and put it proudly on the big double door out front for all to see.


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