(Mis)adventures of converting a stone barn to a dwelling

Sensing the rain

One of the ideas Ive had has been to have lots of sensors feeding data automatically into the “smart home” setup.¬†One of those data’s I wanted was the weather, so first step we bought this Kemo Rain sensor on ebay.


It requires +12v @125mA so we’ve fed it with the 12v poe connector already at the daenetip1 in the wood shed by using a cctv camera power splitter + hooked it into digital input #2 on the daenet board in there. Its great when your modular infrastructure setup lets you do things like this but that was the cunning plan all along.
I couldnt resist getting up the ladder and installing it tonight when we returned from the DIY shop with the mounting hardware. Then one last test I poured some water on it, and the daenet board led lit straight away to indicate it had detected rain. A clever thing about the sensor is it warms with a 100mA heating element so it can detect rain stopping as soon as possible, and a few minutes later, the light duly winked out on the boards input indicator.

Now I have to make a “rain detector” object and connect it to the digital input of the daenetip1 already inside the code and we can see when its raining immediately, or I can configure it to tweet me or my wife. I think that would be kind of cool, and useful in real life too. Think washing on the line, or the dog is outside in the yard and we don’t want to fill the house with the smell of wet labrador later on.

Ill update this post with some pictures of the install proper in the daylight this weekend.


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