(Mis)adventures of converting a stone barn to a dwelling

About us

This Blog is about the massive project that is ChezFluffy, written by Phil & Pippa. Firstly I have to state its still not 100% complete, as of writing this, we still have three rooms to finish building upstairs, and no filter on the fosse system, but these details will come with time and hard work.

I never imagined at the start of this project that it would take so long, or be such hard work, and there have been months on end where I have gotten so sick of working on it, I have become disheartened and either done very poor work that had to be redone, or simply become depressed and did nothing at all. And I know that I never ever want to spend another winter in -20 temperatures living inside a mobile home.

This is where my good lady wifey Pippa had stepped up and shored me up, supporting me, motivating me and quite often nagging me into getting going again, and she has had to live in a building site for over five years as a result of standing by my dream to build the house I want. Also my children have had somewhat of a odd upbringing in a way, we have a 8 year old boy called Jacques who thinks its normal to build your own house and knows all about maintenance on a JCB, and we have a 5 year old girl called Amelia who is patiently waiting for dad to finish building her bedroom so she can have her own space as she grows. Soon little one, soon!

I hope one day to have gotten work down to sensible maintenance levels, and spend some time to enjoy living here, doing some activities and enjoying family life.

ps if you are about to embark on a similar dream, my only advice is don’t. I look back writing this and realize I was completely mad to do so, but I think everyone who embarks on such a project thinks that way…



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