(Mis)adventures of converting a stone barn to a dwelling

Front of house

Now we had a floor, and roofing beams, it was time to seal up the front and make it into a house. First job, remove those huge wooden barn doors from the front. I strapped them to the rear bucket of the jcb and lifted them off with its hydraulics, then used the front bucket …Continue reading


Floating it far too wet

One of the major jobs of this project was the underfloor heating in the concrete slab. A ambitious idea was to make the floor polished concrete, of which I had extremely little experience doing. I’d managed to powerfloat one small patio to a polish, so figured it was worth a try having seen some stunning …Continue reading

Celing beams!

Getting exciting, after over a year of destruction and scratching round in dirt, we were actually adding things. First the wall then the beams! First I cut holes periodically along the wall to accept the new beams at a level to match the new wall and proposed final floor heights we had calculated. The other …Continue reading

Doors , beams and windahs

Pip managed to get some proper bargains for the doors. Firstly the rear we got a reasonable quality hardwood double glazed one and some wooden double glazed tradinorm windows from Leroy Merlin’s, and got 10% discount off the price under a customer loyalty scheme. Then Pip went one better and snagged this off ebay, for …Continue reading

A wall is born

Once the old interior was out, work could start proper. The first job was to replace the old smashed windows with new ones to keep the weather out. Then we poured a substantial foundation trench down the centre of the building, this could only mean work couldn’t it… Then we built a wall to support …Continue reading

Temporary gating

First job really was to get the yard secure, so Turbo our black lab wouldn’t go missing or get run over by a tractor. So we graded the ground flat, and put some temporary gates up with gateposts made of old beams. Here’s Simon my brother in law opening them so we can get the …Continue reading

Our new house is ready (sort of)

Going back to the plan to fund this project, you may have noticed we were to rent out our original house. So where would we live? Well we part owned a static caravan, so it came and lived in the open barn. Small but cosy! Amelia our little girl inspecting her new home to be, …Continue reading

What every boy dreams of

There’s an old saying every boy wants a ferrari, a landrover and a jcb. I’ve been the owner of a battered 90 for some years now, so its time I moved on the jcb (will have to wait a bit for the ferrari now though!) So we bought a very very old JCB off ebay, …Continue reading

The best laid plans…

About now, we were working heavily on our plans for the house to be to get planning permission, so I drafted up what was in my head in a 3d architect package by Micro Application bought for 30e from the local diy chain! First a floor plan, and me and Pippa spent many long nights …Continue reading

First look at the trusses

With all the cowshed pieces removed, we got our first glances at the truss holding the roof up. And what a beaut it is. Another view This was my favourite bit, the main cross beam was rounded where the tree it had been cut from in a single piece had got narrower than the square …Continue reading