(Mis)adventures of converting a stone barn to a dwelling

Front of house

Now we had a floor, and roofing beams, it was time to seal up the front and make it into a house.
First job, remove those huge wooden barn doors from the front. I strapped them to the rear bucket of the jcb and lifted them off with its hydraulics, then used the front bucket to move them round the back.

Rex with huge barn doors

The smaller entrance also had its doors removed, and the entrance blocked up to form a window. The lintel was formed by U shaped blocks filled with a steel reinforcement and concrete.

Office window

The big doors were blocked in also, the top level of blocks is the same U block with lintel steel reinforcement and concrete in, we had to stop here to allow the lintel to go off. Note the noggins to support the window while it all dries.

Front downstairs facade done


front door in situ

Rendering will be done at a later date to make it all pretty.

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