(Mis)adventures of converting a stone barn to a dwelling

Framing the inside

We decided to use metal framework for fixing the plasterboard to, because its quick, efficient and doesn’t have rot issues.

While the wall was exposed, we ran in the wiring for first fix electricals, and this spur with data to each window to incorporate blind automation at one point.

first fix near lounge window

Then we filled the space behind the metalwork with 200mm fibreglass supported to stop it sagging.

window frame for small lounge window

The same throughout the house, this is the projector room being railed to split the end 1/3 into a small utility room and my projector room to be.

In the projector room we started to form the wiring closet also.

gtl closet framework

Also, I made the window sill in the projector room hollow to house all the consoles for the games room.

hollow window sill

Then onto plasterboarding…

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