(Mis)adventures of converting a stone barn to a dwelling

First doorway castings

First job, was to get some internal doorways cut in and lintels cast.
No little undertaking.
First job was to cut a hole in the wall, and push a oak beam through the hole to support the wall above the hole to be. If this step was missed, the wall could fall down!

Hole perforated with oak support beam

A lintel was formed with two heavy oak beams and a space between them for concrete reinforced with steel Rebar.

lintel underway

Then with the lintels in place, the hole was removed, and some concrete castings formed with moulds built in situ and steel reinforcement inside.

Infilling the castings with concrete

There, only my concrete work supporting the whole weight of that massive stone wall, wibble…

cast door frame

Given the original wall is mud and stone construction, that lintel is probably stronger than the surrounding wall ;)

door way cast final

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