(Mis)adventures of converting a stone barn to a dwelling

First destructions

Meanwhile, back to reality, the old interior of the barn needed stripping out as it contained all the cowshed fittings still, with odd beams at odd heights, weird floors made of clay tiles which were dangerous and so on.

Dodgy old floor

How dodgy was that floor? this happened just walking across it

dodgy old floor broke!

It was all carefully loaded into the jcb and removed by hand, so not to cause any damage structurally to the house, with me using the jcb bucket as a stable work platform (health and safety would have a fit in the UK)

Down in the bucket

The cow trough was the worst to remove, almost a week with a breaker smashing it up and weakening it as it had been made with rebar reinforcement and a huge amount of concrete.
Eventually the remains sucumbed to the gentle touch of the jcb bucket

jcb pulling out old trough

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