(Mis)adventures of converting a stone barn to a dwelling


Workshop build

During the build so far, Ive been somewhat handtied by not having a workshop that I could use, and all my equipment was in storage. It was a pain as the jcb needed attention badly and I was just plain old missing being able to fix and sort things out, or even have a working …Continue reading

What every boy dreams of

There’s an old saying every boy wants a ferrari, a landrover and a jcb. I’ve been the owner of a battered 90 for some years now, so its time I moved on the jcb (will have to wait a bit for the ferrari now though!) So we bought a very very old JCB off ebay, …Continue reading

First destructions

Meanwhile, back to reality, the old interior of the barn needed stripping out as it contained all the cowshed fittings still, with odd beams at odd heights, weird floors made of clay tiles which were dangerous and so on. How dodgy was that floor? this happened just walking across it It was all carefully loaded …Continue reading

Welcome to my house project blog

Hi, Welcome to the blog of my house project, the first sections will be written retrospectively (ie they have already happened), but works are not finished, so newer entries should be recent events. Ive dated the posts with the date on my digital photos of the events so they should be nearly accurate to chronological …Continue reading