(Mis)adventures of converting a stone barn to a dwelling

Sensing the rain

One of the ideas Ive had has been to have lots of sensors feeding data automatically into the “smart home” setup.¬†One of those data’s I wanted was the weather, so first step we bought this Kemo Rain sensor on ebay. It requires +12v @125mA so we’ve fed it with the 12v poe connector already at …Continue reading


Home Automation

Now we have a real mains supply I can concentrate on automating various electrics. Im a long term electrical tinkerer, and have done professional network installs in datacentres in my past and work every day with unix and networks so I’m no stranger to cabling and computers. First we had to have certain elements to …Continue reading

Woodstore rebuild

When we’d demolished the old tin and block building on the rear of the house, we’d exposed a lovely stone building which was part of the original, and it seemed a shame to destroy it too. So we decided to save it if we could and use it as a storage space for our winter …Continue reading

Demolition Day

By this point, we’d made a habitable space inside, but the old outbuilding remained and was causing us problems and looked a mess. So we decided it was time to remove it (carefully) as there was a risk if something went wrong of bringing the back of the house down as the trusses were very …Continue reading

Workshop build

During the build so far, Ive been somewhat handtied by not having a workshop that I could use, and all my equipment was in storage. It was a pain as the jcb needed attention badly and I was just plain old missing being able to fix and sort things out, or even have a working …Continue reading

Bedroom French doors

Time to get some liveable space in. First the big bedroom, we’d decided to fit french doors, so eventually we could use a old stone outbuilding as a walk on terrace. First job, cut the wall for doors. Which leads out on to this. This left the corner of the house weak and could lead …Continue reading

The gamesroom evolves

Time to get on with my projector room. I tiled this space invader alien into the floor pattern, everywhere else got boring beige tiles but I could play in here it being “my” room Got my old Barco CRT projector installed on the celing And some other toys, the space invader cabinet in the foreground, …Continue reading


Time to plasterboard the interior. Started with Pip’s lounge Then painted! And spiral staircase up to the first two rooms installed And BINGO, liveable in room Started to board in the GTL, so we could run wiring in to the completed rooms. And some services into my projector room window sill Some more gtl work, …Continue reading

Framing the inside

We decided to use metal framework for fixing the plasterboard to, because its quick, efficient and doesn’t have rot issues. While the wall was exposed, we ran in the wiring for first fix electricals, and this spur with data to each window to incorporate blind automation at one point. Then we filled the space behind …Continue reading

Rear Door time

After struggling to get inside the barn now, it was time to cut and fit the rear door. First pick hole in wall with giant steel spike And then a window… Snug fit, yes I know its got no lintel yet Casting the rear door frame in the same fashion as the other doors

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